April 27- May 6, Arbor Week

May 15-16, The Grey to Green Conference, Toronto, Ont. www.greytogreyconference.org

June 16-24, Garden Days, www.gardendays.ca

June 19-21, Salon du Vegetal, Nantes, France. www.salonduvegetal.com/pro/en/

June 26-29, SIMA Snow and Ice Symposium, Cleveland, Ohio www.sima.org

June 24-26, 2018 GCA Summer Tour, Seattle, Wash. www.gardencentersofamerica.com

July 14-18, Cultivate '18, Columbus, Ohio www.cultivate18.com

August 5-8, ISA International Trade Show and Conference, San Francisco, Calif. www.isa-arbor.com

August 14-16, Independent Garden Show, Chicago, Ill. www.igcshow.com

August 22-24, Plantarium, Boskoop, Holland. www.plantarium.nl

August 22-24, The Far West Show, Portland, Ore. www.farwestshow.com

September 10-12, GLEE, Birmingham, U.K. www.gleebirmingham.com

September 25, Snowposium 2018 Milton, Ont. www.snowposium.ca

September 26-29, Communities in Bloom Seeds for the Future, Strathcona, Atla. www.communitiesinbloom.ca

September 26-28, Canwest Hort Show, Abbotsford, B.C.www.canwesthortshow.com

October 3-4, Canadian Greenhouse Conference, Niagara Falls, Ont.. www.canadiangreenhouseconference.com

October 16-18, The Green Industry Show and Equipment Expo, Kentucky, KY. www.gie-expo.com

November 14-16, Fihoq Expo, Drummondville, Que. 

November 15-16, The Green Industry Show and Conference, Edomonton, Alta. www.greenindustryshow.com

November 28-30, The Buildings Show, Toronto, Ont. www.thebuildingsshow.com

December 3-7, The Irrigation Show and Conference, Long Beach. Calif.